Training and Nutrition

Wolfgang Horstmann und Edith BorchersWhy do most older ones have the tendency to gain weight?

At the age you lose every ten years about 5% of its power.

That is: If you are 80 years of age, your body only has a Keeps the muscle mass that you had with 25th But unfortunately, you own all the more bold.

This normal fate you can avoid by countermeasures in a timely: With regular strength training. In order to preserve not only strength, energy and mobility of young people, but also keep the obesity at bay.

Because, the more muscle mass, the more calories the body uses even at rest. Your favorite foods are used at not so fast.


The benefits of building muscle at a glance

  • You stay healthy and fit
  • Wear lighter se
  • Bend your back problems or are even active on
  • You become more flexible
  • They improve your posture
  • They prevent metabolic disorders (z.B. Diabetes)
  • They prevent bone loss (Osteoporose)
  • They build body fat faster and inhibit the yo-yo effect (muscle optimize your engine)
  • You protect yourself from injury (Trained muscles act in accidents as a cushion)
  • They develop a better self-esteem
  • You get your strength into old age